As you all probably know, I’m organizing a psychic festival and doing several other things at the same time. I work best when all kinds of things are happening at once! I was asked if I had any space left in my festival a few days ago. I had reserved a space for this gal, my last available space and then received the audition of a reading yesterday. Things got messed up and I wasn’t able to receive the reading as expected so she left it on a voicemail, and got cut off.

I didn’t know a lot of history of this woman but I did knew that her son had died. Today she told me that she hadn’t been able to do much since that happened. When it first happened, she poured herself into different healing modalities but had run out of money and couldn’t afford to continue getting healing, though they all helped.

I was called to sing for her. Normally I listen to the people who tell me that my issue is that I give too much of myself away but today I just could not bear to leave her in the space she was in. I don’t even know if I would refer to that space as “dark” but I could feel her pain in my heart and couldn’t bear to leave her like that. When I offered to sing, she was very grateful and that felt wonderful.

While I sang, I found myself pulling and unraveling strings that held her heart in a constant grip. She was raised a certain religion that had really tied her up emotionally. I won’t speak out against any particular religion but if she finds this and would like to comment she is quite welcome. She had told me that she liked that I had said I was pagan. I appreciate freedom and I believe she should be released from the binds that had been created by her religion, even though she had tried to let it go.

I sang again inviting her to really become the Earth, however that looked for her. While I was singing, I held notes longer than normal, sang in different rhythms, different tones than I normally would but still the same songs, not bothering to make anything new up, just traditional Gaelic melodies. When I sang the final prayer I usually sing, it became full beyond what my voice could handle and a couple of times it tried to crack. I believe that is when many more voices than mine are coming through. It just felt so free!

I spoke with her after and really only gave her time to give one comment. I wanted her to both be grounded in the here and now and also allow herself to be in the new space we had just created between the two of us. Since she was at home and this treatment was over the phone with me in Missoula, Montana and her in Billings, Montana, she could do just that.

I saw her energy open. I saw her release all those chains of guilt and obligation. I quite literally saw those as chains and cords pulling tight on her heart, binding it fully. She will be able to live in her light. She will be able to shine that light all over everyone she sees. She will be able to reach around the globe and light up people all over the world. Neither of us know the potential she has because we never know what is actually going to happen with the butterfly effect. She may touch a soul that touches another soul and a baby may be saved who grows up to become a fabulous leader. She may shine her light on just the right person tomorrow who decides not to commit suicide and becomes a singer who touches people’s souls and helps them become who they were meant to be. Her light is very bright now because she allowed herself to release those chains, those ties that bound her.

Shine on you crazy diamond!