I am a healer. I have many psychic abilities, as do most people, and the biggest one, the most dominant one, is being a healer. I always try to put that forward in everything I do. I have struggled these past few weeks trying to maintain a good attitude and not allow myself to swallowed up by the fear and panic that I have felt from so many, especially since we have been locked down. It has only been a short time but for someone from Montana with a Gypsy soul it feels like a lifetime.

I miss people, and I miss touching people. I  died because one of my best friends said she was self quarantining because her daughter works at the grocery store, the same one I was just at. I miss hugs, though thankfully I have found people who will still give them. I miss play practice and seeing everyone bloom into wonderful personalities as their characters bloom and come to life. At this time I don’t even know if our play will be performed. I sure hope so!

I have been spending the time we are in quarantine at my sister’s attempting to help with lambing. For anyone who doesn’t know, that’s when sheep are giving birth and sometimes lambs need a bit of help either coming into the world or thriving in it. Most of the time I have felt like I haven’t been doing much but a few times now I have gotten to use my healing gift and at least channel through my soul lives to figure out what to do in a situation or to help a lamb stay alive. One of the lambs was giving up and not thriving. Donna brought him down and we put him in the sink where we could put hot water bottles under and around him to warm him up. We both were rubbing on him for a while and then she decided she’d better go check on his twin and the ewe. I had started singing a little but I was resistant. My gift goes for the highest and best and sometimes that means helping things die. My sister was already stressed and I didn’t want this lamb to die on her.

The thought popped into my head that I used to ask my coven sisters for help in past lives for these things, so I reached out to others. I texted one hoping that my text would go through in the land of little service and it did. I texted two who are sisters and they said they would post on our Facebook group. I felt them all come in energetically as I sang and kept moving his head around. He bleated! That was the first sound he had made and a real sign that he had decided to live. He began to hold his head up on his own and even started to suckle my finger.

I was so happy I wanted to run up and get Donna right away and tell her! It seemed like forever before she got Barack to the house so that I could. Another friend who was a rancher sent advice and we took it. We had him back out with his momma by the end of the day but she wouldn’t let him suckle from her, so we are going to be bottle feeding him for a while, which is my job when Donna goes back to work.

I had been having a hard time feeling like I should be doing more. Since all of this started I’ve barely had any work and I had rather lost my sense of purpose. I felt completely useless really. I didn’t want to feel that way, so I was unconsciously trying to find a boyfriend because that gives me purpose. My purpose is to take care of him, right? WRONG! My purpose is to be the best ME I can be. That would include reaching out to people all over the United States as I always have, bringing light into darkness, building up individual people and helping them shine, and apparently now calling in sisters to save a bum lamb.

In these trying times, if you think you have lost your sense of purpose, please ground yourself, take a bath or do something, alone, for you, and realize that you are important! Especially to yourself because who is going to take care of you and all the rest if you’re not available? As with everything, it circles around, a beautiful fractal to be treasured. Happy Ostara and Happy Easter!!!