The Ancestors Within

Co-author Marcia Colver Reichert joins 24 other powerful healers for the upcoming book, The Ancestors Within, Reveal and Heal the Ancient Memories You Carry, coming May 4th with the love, support and badassery of lead author and founder of Irigenics, Amy Gillespie Dougherty.

Discover the amazing world of your ancestors with these 25 chapters and 25 tools for recognizing our ancestors’ in our lives.

Whether you are interested in planning a family, or knowing how they show up in your eyes, or even how to create a sacred native American ceremony for them, this book has you covered with the original stories of all 25 authors, and online resource tools with each chapter. 

Chapter Excerpt

The Woven Web:
Discovering and Removing Energy Strings

by Marcia Colver Reichert, CHT, LMT, NMT, Shaman

Many cultures believe everything is connected and we have connections between past, present, and future. We know we’re all connected generationally and that even if we didn’t grow up with our birth parents, we’re influenced by their belief systems and also by the beliefs of the people who did raise us. 

The Norse call this the Web of Wyrd. Symbolically it’s the interconnectedness of absolutely everything in the universe. Picture it as a huge spider web where everything is actually a piece of a larger thing.

We as humans are only cells of a greater being, for instance. If you can imagine that all of those strings that connect us have power as energy, then perhaps you can imagine that we could clear those energy strings so that hate and resentment were cleared and love and appreciation remained.

Remember that the judgment between good and bad is a human thing and has to do with emotion rather than the circle of life. Energy is actually just energy, but for our human belief that it can be good or bad, light or dark.

The piece that most people may not be aware of is these energies are passed down with the soul as well; narcissists may continue to be narcissistic and the soul who has been subservient may continue in that direction as well. It also may be just the opposite, depending on the purpose for our incarnation. We incarnate in part for the purpose of clearing these energies, which is what karma is all about. Karma is not a punishment but an energy that has continued.

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