My journey with Astrology began with my good friend, Danielle Egnew, continually telling me different things about my chart. She would show me my chart and it just looked like a pretty picture to me, I had no idea what anything meant. She would tell me all the places that said I was psychic and I would think, “You’re cute and all but…” I just didn’t believe it much, on the other hand I knew there was something there. I have had my chart read many times by many different people and I always wondered why I often came away feeling like I’d been beaten rather than having an uplifting experience. When I began studying Astrology it was for that reason. I wanted to be an expert people could go to who made them feel uplifted and empowered by examining their chart together.

I studied my chart in depth with different people, so I started telling other people about where I saw magic in their lives through their own charts. I began to discover different areas of the chart that would point out magical things in people. I do realize that not everyone believes in magic, so I’ve decided to make it my job to help them see it. I think the world should have a lot more magic in it and I see magic in people every single time I look at them. I wanted a way to convey to them in a tangible way what I was seeing in them.

I have recently gone back to the basics and discovered that I was missing much about myself. I began writing out answers to questions in a workbook that I never realized were legitimate questions, even with all the experience I have. I’ve made a few discoveries about myself that I hadn’t known before and that no one had ever pointed out to me. I want to share some of those right now.

The picture I have shared is my actual chart. There is a ton of earth in my chart but anyone who knows me would wonder how the hell there could be so much earth when I am constantly on the move, not really calling anyplace home, just living in one place or another helping people along the way. I usually don’t know what I’m going to do for these people, I’m just looking for a place to stay for a while and I end up doing some kind of healing or teaching. Now while the earth in my chart makes me want to have a permanent home, most of the planets that are in Capricorn are in the 12th house, the realm of the hidden and esoteric, which means I will probably find that permanent home in an esoteric way. The way I see it, everywhere I land is my home. It goes with me everywhere I go.

There are lots of things that go into figuring out what would be best as a career for people. One of the major things is the MC sign, usually on the 10th house cusp. I have Scorpio in the 10th house and some of the careers associated with Scorpio are psychics, astrologers, healers, and musicians. HUH! I also have Jupiter in the 10th house, the planet of expansion, which is associated with my search for meaning, truth and ethical values. My 6th house cusp is in Cancer, which means that I can best achieve the needs I have for a working environment by giving and receiving emotional security. Again, HUH! (For those of you who don’t know me, that’s precisely what I convey) nearly everything that I looked at in the career department pointed toward the career I have! How lovely is that?! This is why I love to do other people’s charts.

I have known for a few years that Vesta is very prominent in my chart. Vesta is not a planet but an asteroid. Vesta is the keeper of the hearth and a virgin goddess and when I found out she was so prominent in my chart, I dedicated myself to her. I even went so far as to ask my Wicca High Priest friend to dedicate me to her and then went further to dedicate myself to every goddess everywhere in all dimensions in order to better convey and embody the Sacred Feminine. I don’t recommend anybody doing that; it’s been an interesting ride. Before you consider that to be a sacrilege, know that God created everything, including everyone of those goddesses. Now, what I didn’t know, or at least realize until now, is that Vesta was retrograde when I was born. There are different theories about what this means for people. The one that I resonated with is that when a planet is in retrograde you tend to work on the fringes, good or bad, of the attributes of that planet. Vesta is associated with the energy of Scorpio and Virgo, so this explains why I work so closely with people who are in fields associated with sex (lots of stripper clients) and also people who have been completely frozen because of sex and their inhibitions around it.

Saturn is another planet that is retrograde in my chart and it happens to be my ruling planet since I’m Capricorn. Saturn is the teacher, which also explains a lot about me. It is also known for limitation and I always attributed that to the rings around it, which are beautiful, but also keep it at least looking like it’s in a cage. Now, if retrograde means that you work in the fringes of the energy, meaning the extreme one way or the other, it makes sense that I teach a lot of different things. It also explains why I have been holding myself back. I had no idea those rings were holding me but now that it has been realized I know how to make my way out of them and stand centered in my magic.

I would love to pair up with you, whomever is reading this, because I find all of this fascinating and one of the biggest talents I have is finding the magic in people and nurturing it into fruition. If you are interested in working with me, please get in touch. I look forward to helping you step into your magic!