I had a gal from Northern Montana contact me through my website a few times. She was having a really tough time in her life and her house felt like it was full of spirits and none of them felt good. I asked that when she got in touch with me everyone be in the home who lives there. They called me tonight and I was able to take the call. Her mother started telling me the story of how affected they were by everything going on in the house. Her daughter even experienced things happening to her and she’s very young. Three generations being effected in the same house.

I instructed them to put the phone on speaker so I could communicate with all of them. We talked a bit and then I had them relax and I began singing to them, all of them at once. Her son was also there. Both this gal and her precious daughter are mediums and sh was attempting to keep things at bay with drugs. Being a former meth addict myself, I could relate and explained to her that meth breeds fear in the body and had her visualize every demon she had leaving her body. She said she didn’t feel as much with that song but she sure sounded more confident and empowered.

We talked about my wings when she went to the worst part of the house, the basement, and she said she saw white wings like an angel. I told her I see them more like Maleficent’s wings…dark, powerful, sometimes changing and definitely with talons! We talked to the fairies and house spirits and she told them she was there not to harm but to align with them to keep everyone safe and comfortable. When she was done in the basement she felt cold but comfortable there, no fear.

On to the bedroom where she had experienced so much terror. I explained invoking the Law of Love. When a person invokes the Law of Love scary things are transmuted into perfectly acceptable things and fear cannot exist. When I finished singing an Offspring song to her, she felt clear and powerful, as did her entire house. No more thoughts of suicide and no more letting meth bring darkness into her world. Her kids are safe and they will all be better equipped to handle whatever comes their way. 

I tell you these stories so that you can get an idea of how to handle things yourself. When you “see” scary or dark things, invoke the Law of Love and see how your perception changes. Align with the spirits around you and see how much easier your life gets. And if you need help, I’m here! ❤️