I have so very many subjects I would love to write about! I am a romantic but a dark one, I guess…I have been told that I should write Gothic love stories. I didn’t even know what that was until lately but it sounds fun! I’ve been wanting to write stories about my trips across the country and to other countries, especially Ireland, and haven’t really done much about it. I have been told I should write an instruction book on the way I do healing but that hasn’t really come to fruition either.

I always give the excuse that I’m too busy but the reality is that I neglect to just sit down and do it. It doesn’t take me long, I just need to make the time to do it rather than doing something else to completely distract me. It flows right out of me when I’m ready to do it and I think forcing the subject really doesn’t do me much good. I don’t think I write as well when I force myself to sit down. Right now I’m doing just fine writing the random thoughts that are going through my head. HA!

Since we are now on the subject of random thoughts…I have been through a few rough days and wonder if anyone else is experiencing this lately? I have been in quite the slump where I couldn’t pull myself together to do much if anything. All I really wanted to do was nap but I kept beating myself up about it thinking that I need to be getting things done, like finishing this website since I began to rebuild it about a year ago! I look at other people who really have their stuff together and ducks in a row and all those other analogies and wonder how the hell they keep it all together. I can’t so much as figure out whether I want coffee or tea or milk some days! And people think of me as grounded. Remember, I am a grounding rod…I don’t necessarily have it all together myself but I can definitely pull it together enough to help others feel grounded in themselves. I do try to live in the moment to honor how I’m built. I guess that is why I have to wait for my body to be inline with a project before I actually can get it done. If I don’t honor that I do a really mediocre job and I absolutely cannot put out anything that is just mediocre.

And I realize that this blog post is in serious danger of getting boring, so I wanted to give you some hints that I use to get myself out of these slumps. Understand sometimes I want to just stay there until something else brings me out but that NEVER happens. It is still my choice whether or not to scale the wall of the well I’m in and feel better. One of the things I do to bring me out of this slump is sing. I even try to learn a new song. Now I know not all of you THINK you can sing but the truth is that if you can talk you can make voice noises and you can sing. It may not sound great to the rest of the world but that is not the point here. The point is to raise your personal vibration. When we sing it releases endorphins, the same endorphins that are released when we get loving hugs or kisses.

Another thing I do is force myself to get up and move, even if it hurts or is just a little bit. Then the next time it can be a little bit more. I move my hips in a circle to ignite that fire in my loins. Whether I do anything with that or not depends on how I feel later but I worry about that while I’m in the moment. Put on some good music, whatever you like, and dance a little, even if you are only moving as far as you can move. It will get better and better the more you do it.

Play a game, any game, even if it is by yourself. I just gave a suggestion to a friend that she play with dice and see if she could call what was going to show up to test her intuition. Now if that is going to bring frustration, then leave it alone and go to something else that helps fire off those synapses in your brain. Maybe you like coloring with a nice mandala. Maybe you need to get out some tools and build something. Maybe you could draw a mandala or the flower of life or whatever strikes your fancy. Whatever forces your brain to concentrate on something besides any lack in your life is a very good thing.

So know that all of us go through slumps, even the best of us who on the surface look like our lives are perfect. Know that you are the only one who can do something about how you feel. You cannot do anything about the rest of the world, only how you react to it. If you find things to distract your brain and fool it into loving the world again life will be ever so sweeter! Like rock candy baby, hot sweet and sticky, just the way we like it!!

Blessed be!